Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Squash, string, and cat philosophy

Rain showers today, cool temps; squash, zuchinni, pumpkins ripening on the vines. Leaves beginning to turn their rich fall colors. The sky tonight looked like an impressionist painting; pastel blues and pinks amid white smudges of clouds.

A lot of work during the last few days--and evenings. My brain feels gutted. Chava Kitty lies at my feet, waiting for her evening treat. You've been working too hard, she says, it's time to get out the string and the bouncy toy, and play!

The bouncy toy has a stuffed character attached that's the color of this squash blossom; looks like a fat bee. It could be named "Herb" or "Wally." I don't care what it is or what it's named as long as it moves, she says. You get too caught up in details. Take a break; take a nap--like me!

Perhaps it's time to call it a night...

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