Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Music & other musings

Been a busy day so far. Finally winding down a little. Have "The Essential Miles Davis" on the CD player, a retrospective of his career. An interesting mix--well-done. Some I've heard before; others, not. Particularly like 'Generique,' 'Summertime,' 'So What,' on the 1st CD.

The other CD I brought today is of old blues guys--great stuff. Paul Jones, RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Scott Dunbar, Asie Payton; "Not the Same Old Blues Crap II" (Fat Possum Records). Several favorites on this disc; 'I feel good again,' 'Meet me in the city,' 'Black Mattie.' I've always loved blues. Love to sing it, too.

More fires have flamed up in the Boise National forest, ignited by dry lightning. A curtain of smoke hangs over the whole city. Can hardly make out the foothills. At an event this morning, sat next to a woman from an agency that helps the families of firefighters who are injured or killed on the job. She said 14 have died during this fire season.

In the 1990s, the eastern part of the foothills caught fire. I remember walking the neighborhood at 10 at night (too hot when the sun was up), and how the foothills glowed orange; a rim of fire all around the edges. Dark, smoky; felt like I was caught in a scene out of Dante.

We need a good rain shower...

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