Thursday, September 07, 2006

Smoke and dreams

Awoke to an unsually orange sun. The air, so smoky it's like looking through a veil. Light dusting of ash on cars. A slight burning sensation as you breathe in.

The ID DEQ has issued a red alert. Local schools have cancelled outdoor actitivies. And with the large number of wild fires burning in the region, no relief in sight soon. We've got a high pressure system over us trapping the pollution, ozone, and the smoke. (Some of us feel trapped, too)

Had a dream the other night: Having tea in a tea shop with a professor from my old school. I suddenly noticed that the pupils of his eyes were turning purple. We looked into the tea and saw that the tea leaves had transformed into small dragon heads, which were now floating on the surface. The professor was horrified and got up to "walk it off." But I was intrigued by it all. As I walked with him, I wondered if my eyes would also turn purple, and how the world would appear through "purple lenses." (And no, I didn't have anything stronger than a glass of wine)

Alchemy anyone?

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