Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pears and pairs

Pears. C and I see them as we walk as a pair. Poire= pear, fruit.

We edit to pare down the number of words in an article for submission.

Pair or paire in French means "even", "peer," "two". To work as an au pair.

Parer is to adorn, to dress, to prepare.

Je suis allee de pair avec mon ami. (??; it's been a while since that French class in college...)

Pair and pairs, rather than solo, single, one? Rather than triad, triangle, three? Is one the "loneliest number"? Is three a crowd?

C and I discussed music this a.m.; John Coltrane, Steve Coleman, overtones, multiphonics, "music of the spheres". Where math, physics, and musical sound converge. Blow your horn; split your airstream. Modulate those airstreams until your body vibrates with sound upon sound. Spirals far beyond singles, pairs, (pears), and triads. Maybe just enough to carry you through another Monday...

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