Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hyde Park Fair, visitors, and bands

A scene from the Hyde Park Fair taken earlier today inside the "Visit Thailand!" tent. Very exacting carving job on the veggies. The fair brings out many visitors from near and far who browse the arts, crafts, clothing, political action, jewelry, folk arts booths. Live music on two stages, and, of course, "fair food." (Where would we be without our gyro, Pronto Pup or Kettle Korn fix?)

Speaking of visitors, we had a good talk with our friend, PQ, while he was in town on a business trip. He's a successful exec by day; a drummer and sometimes singer for an up-and-coming band by night and weekends. Maybe some September in the future, his band will play the Hyde Park Fair...

And speaking of bands, here's a shot of a young up-and-coming band that spontaneously began performing "acoustic punk rock" at the fair.

Perhaps they'll become the American version of The Futureheads...

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