Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Colored bottles & mysteries

Colored bottles seem magical--especially in the light. If you rub the blue one, will a genie appear? Would something escape if you removed the lid? What would a sip from the green one taste like? Would the perfume from the red one be spicy, hot, sensual?

Bottles hold potions, medicines, oil, perfume, soda, liquor, elixirs, wine. A message in a bottle, "Love Potion #9", Eau de Paris.

And the sounds: The ring of crystal, the clunk of bottles jostling against each other. The flute-like tone when you blow across the lip. The crash and shatter of a dropped glass...

Have you ever looked at the world through a red filter? Through stained glass? As a child, I'd gaze through the stained glass windows at church, trying to make out objects on the street, but I never could. The glass was too thick. The objects became curious blurs, ghostly visions. Another spiritual mystery...

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