Monday, December 29, 2008


Sparkly scene on a wintry afternoon.

This was taken a few days ago. Today, it’s been a lot warmer and windy, and the snow has been melting, which is fine with me. Snow is beautiful, especially new-fallen snow. And it was magical for Christmas. But it’s been a hassle getting around by car or on foot. So, it was a nice change not to have to drive on icy streets this morning.

Amazing that the year is almost over! I’m usually not a New Year’s resolution kind of person, but I do think back over the year as I transfer birthdays, important dates from our old wall calendar to our new. The calendar ritual reminds me of what we did during the year, what changes took place, and gives me time to reflect.

I use an electronic calendar at work, but still have a wall calendar, just for the pictures – “dreams” to look at when I need a break. Pictures of Paris. Gift from my sweet husband. For December 2008, it’s a B & W of the Eiffel and its image mirrored in water.
Très magnifique!

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