Sunday, December 21, 2008

City view

A view of downtown Boise, looking down Idaho Street, in the midst of a snow shower. Had some errands to run, including a visit to The Record Exchange, our local record/CD store. They’ve been around for years, and are going strong, even with the competition from the big box stores at the mall. You can trade in CDs, buy vinyl LPs, as well as get CDs and DVDs -- and find funky stuff in their gift shop for that quirky person on your gift list. They also do a lot of things to support good causes in the community.

Once again the weekend raced by too quickly, but it will be a short work week with Christmas coming up. Might even be shorter if we get the full amount of snow they’re predicting tonight…


Katie said...

Downtown Boise looks like a cool place to hang out, with plenty of retro brick buildings to keep my interest. How cool that The Record Exchange is still making it work with all the competition. I really like their colorful building. Hope you get some pretty snow for Christmas, but not all the bad weather that Portland and Seattle are getting!

Ms M said...

Downtown has some cool places to go, restaurants, movies, dance clubs, coffee shops. First Thursday and Saturday market. When the weather is better, I want to take more photos downtown.

BTW, we got more snow last night -- and ice. Getting around hasn't been fun lately, either by foot or car. Fortunately our situation is not nearly as bad as Portland or Seattle. Hope your weather is back to normal!