Monday, December 01, 2008

Red, with green

Red and green are complementary colors; on a color wheel, red and green are opposite each other in the spectrum. When they are placed next to each other, they stand out -- make our vision “vibrate”. Good info to know if you’re in advertising, design, graphics, art, or just want to make a poster that stands out.

We were walking the n’hood and this window stood out to me, especially the red basket. When the rich fall leaves are gone and we’re left with brown and gray, we’re hungry for color. Especially now as the days grow shorter.

While out at sunset, we saw the Jupiter and Venus shining brilliantly alongside a crescent moon. An astronomical event that will only be in alignment tonight. As the hours pass, they will gradually part, continuing on their own orbits.

Of course, metaphors about friendship, love, life come to mind, but I won’t attempt to be literary tonight. I’ll just stay with color and light…


Anonymous said...

neighborhood window green and red secret soothes the sight. half-full milk-can moon illuminates puffy, silvery clouds. fuzzy growth must...( go. )

Ms M said...

Thank you, Anon, for your poetics. :-)