Thursday, December 11, 2008

Continuing story

They’ve almost got all the siding up on the house across the street and have begun working in the interior. The roofing is in progress, too. Below is an inside shot taken about a month ago, before the steps were laid, when we walked up a plank to get inside.

What used to be a tiny two bedroom bungalow is now a “mini-mansion” with full basement, main, and upper floors. The garage in back also now has a 2nd story. Should be plenty of room for a couple and two kids.

It’s the newest house on the block; most of the rest are quite old. Because the foundation was not stable, they demolished the original house and went for new construction. It’ll be interesting to see how it looks when finished. I hope they paint the siding a more lively color than beige.


Katie said...

Ooh, interesting to see what's been done. Is the siding wood? I agree that a different color would be nice. Maybe not like the house in my neighborhood that's lavender with bright purple trim. What an eyesore! I hope the house fits in with the neighborhood once it's done, especially since it's a bigger house than what was there. A little architectural courtesy goes a long way.

Ms M said...

My husband says the siding is a new type of compressed wood that's more durable than wood siding. And it can be painted, so we'll see what they do. Probably they won't do lavender :-)
I think it will fit in okay; it's definitely the biggest on the block, but there is a house about the same size on the next block, so it'll probably work. You're right; a little architectural courtesy does go a long way.