Thursday, November 05, 2009

You can leave your hat on

Probably left over from Halloween...


Katie said...

Stinker Stores? What a hysterical name for a java house! The upside down skunk really makes this photo. That and the bright red.

Anonymous said...

jammed-open fountains during long summers, a hydrant
in Philly -
more Don Juan than
stripper -
but what if its
a fez
on the head of some
late night TV sultan
from Istanbul
St. in Pasadena? to leave
its hat
on makes

Ms M said...

Thanks Katie. :) The Stinker Stores are actually gas station/mini grocery stores that have been around here for a long time. I would guess they do have high octane java...

Anon, I remember a song written by a college acquaintance of yours that had to do with "never gonna do it without the fez on..."
Thank you for your excellent prose... :)