Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming soon to a theater near you

While walking downtown this weekend, we happened upon a film shoot . The story features these three characters, who were running through the alleyways of downtown Boise. (In this photo, they stopped for a moment to graciously allow photographs -- and to wait for the stoplight to change). Are they seeking the Holy Grail? Running from something? Running to something?

Will we ever find out? Or will we always be Puzzled Bystanders?


Katie said...

Too funny! I would very much like to know the subject of this short film, so if you ever find out, let us know! Isn't that Tinky Winky in purple? (Cool that you captured a bookstore window too!)

Ms M said...

It could be that the purple one is Tinky Winky, the red one is Po, and I wonder if the penguin is Opus? Maybe they are searching for the rest of the gang...
That bookstore, Trip Taylor's, is the best used bookstore in the area. A great place to browse for all kinds of topics.