Monday, November 09, 2009

A capitol view

Looks rather glorious in the afternoon sun, doesn't it? The building is being renovated, so hasn't hosted a legislative session in several years.

That doesn't mean the legislature hasn't met. They continue to duke it out during the first few months of each year in another location.


Katie said...

Beautiful light! I like how the light also catches the one tree with fall-colored leaves. Very stately building. Is that statuary around one section of the dome?

Ms M said...

I believe the statuary are "Corinthian style columns supporting a cornice, adorned with oversized urns on consoles," according to the official Capitol Commission history. There is also a "bronze plated eagle" on top of the dome, although you can't make it our from this photo.
The natural light is beautiful coming through the dome windows. it will be interesting to tour the building once the restoration is finished.