Sunday, November 01, 2009

Road trip

I'll join the Daily Bloggers on the theme of doors today with these "doors of perception" we came across during a walk.


Anonymous said...

architecture begins with a door
frame in Zanzibar &
only 500 doors out of how many thousand
because everyone
crooked thought a straight
path to quick
from the past
involved selling contraband
ornate carved arabesque doors
but any place's
doors number
only so many
& finally greed
put the worst door mis
handlers behind bars
so doors are wide open
to tourists now
but what they open
crumbles at touch -
beware of too many doors to the past
in wrong hands when
they need to be
dangling off loose

Ms M said...

Some doors should be shut tightly; others dangling loosely.
And some should open to wide new vistas...