Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The art of roadwork

Look a little like a sculpture, doesn't it?
Any roadwork art in your neighborhood?


Katie said...

If there wasn't gravel and an orange cone (it's so skinny!), I would have thought this was a cool sculpture. Yes, lots of road work in Berkeley -- the road stimulus money is sure working here!

Anonymous said...

What if a cube edging forward
at less than half the speed
of a sauntering boy age 8

could be divided by
a city
square(d)? Result

could be shelter
from ice
storm or waiting

room for per
petually late
buses, but

a box frame for
a park
going its own way

out such
boxy thinking

Ms M said...

Hi Katie, glad to hear our stimulus dollars are at work in Berkeley! That could be the case with this, too, altho I think this has to do with replacement of old sewer lines.

Ms M said...

thank you for your "cubist", unboxy poem, Anon. Your poems are always appreciated and welcome here :)