Sunday, June 07, 2009

Through Anne's eyes

A statue of Anne Frank, from the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise.

A group of people began planning the memorial in 1995 after an international exhibit about Anne Frank came through Boise (which was attended by thousands of people).

The memorial includes panels of quotes from people all over the world.

This was an important step for Idaho after having a reputation for harboring certain hate groups.

Hopefully Idaho will continue on the road of tolerance and acceptance.


Katie said...

Fascinating exhibit. I'm sure it's a moving experience to go through this memorial, and read the quotes. I've been to the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, but I think the story can be told anywhere and have a powerful impact. Thanks for sharing this.

Ms M said...

It is moving to walk through, reading all the quotes, and seeing some of the photos they included.
I agree, Anne Frank's story can be told anywhere -- and hopefully will cause people to stop and think.