Saturday, June 13, 2009

A day at the races

What’s all the excitement?

It’s this.

Across the street from the office where I work, is a bar which has a large parking lot. (I work for a small non-profit. We have to go where there’s affordable office space…)

Yesterday, a truck pulling a huge trailer drove into the parking lot and unloaded this car. It immediately became a big attraction. Someone started the car and revved the motor a few times to show it off. A couple of women got inside and had their photos taken as they took turns sitting in the driver’s seat. (I had a great view of all this from my office window.)

I don’t know why it stopped there, but since this was an unusual occurrence, and luck is part of racing (as well as skill), I decided to buy a lottery ticket.

Maybe by applying weird logic, I’ll actually win something.

Wish me (good) luck :>)


Katie said...

Sounds like an easy way to draw a crowd! Were they giving away samples of Crown Royal? I forgot to buy a lottery ticket in CA today. Oh well. I hope won something!

Ms M said...

They may have been giving out samples of Crown Royal in the bar. At least it looked that way from the way some people were walking as they were leaving...

My weird logic didn't work -- only matched 2 numbers, which gets me a big 0. But I'll try it again when the time seems "right."