Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Entrepreneurial spirit

You know it’s summer when you hear the music from Scary Larry’s ice cream truck echoing through the n’hood, and when you see lemonade stands appearing on street corners.

I like how the “special” for today is painted rocks. The small ones must be more special than the large ones…


Anonymous said...

Always try to buy a treat from young entrepreneurs. It encourages hard work, dedication, and perseverence. I'll take 2 cupcakes and a lemonade.

Katie said...

What a fun sign! I think Anon. has it right - a lemonade and 2 cupcakes sounds perfect. Any clue what the painted rocks looked like?

When my two siblings and I were dumped off for a month with my grandparents (who then lived in rural Michigan) so my parents could go on a much-needed vacation without us obnoxious kids, my grandparents helped build us a lemonade stand which we manned all day down by the side of the rarely-traveled road. We had fun even though we hardly sold anything, and my grandparents learned why my parents needed a break from us!

Ms M said...

Katie, I agree with Anon, too.
By the time we saw the sign, it was early evening and they had "closed" for the day, so we didn't get to see the special painted rocks.

Fun to read your story about your lemonade stand!