Friday, June 05, 2009

River highlights

The Boise River is running fast and high right now from snow melt and because they have released water from Lucky Peak Reservoir.

In mid-summer, many people tube down the river. Perfect on those days when it’s hovering near 100 degrees.

But yesterday four 20-somethings tried to raft the river (going against public safety warnings) and they ended up on a little island clinging to tree branches with their raft wrecked and submerged. Fortunately, they weren’t hurt. But it took a couple of emergency crews to get to them.

So for now, it’s enough (for most people) to sit on the bank and watch how light plays across the water.


Anonymous said...

when the river swallowed
the sun, it had no
where to go
the sun & river
through your camera
and through its memory
& then into
knowing that once
they would leave thru
the lens they entered
& return to the stream
missing them
as much as Prospero
missed his magic
or a mid-
summer its

Ms M said...

Anon, your prose restores magic :)