Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dreams of water

This is what I need today; a gentle rushing stream. Water. Something to quench the thirst of a long week.

Katie’s blog post was a postcard of Venice -- which isn't by a rushing stream, but is an amazing city on water. And that led me to look up Venice on the web, then daydream of riding along the city on a vaporetto, eating some Venetian pizza, taking photos of the sights, watching the sun set over the water….

Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow :>)


Katie said...

Why is it that water seems to provide such relief when we need it, in so many ways? You can go to Venice on my blog and I'll happily sit by this rushing stream on yours. Hmm, maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow too. It's only a dollar, and that's cheap for a daydream of life without long work weeks and plenty of travel to stay near bodies of water.

Ms M said...

That's excellent, Katie. I think lottery tickets are definitely in order.