Sunday, August 15, 2010

Watching for hummers

The kind that fly, not the kind some people drive. :)

The birds that frequently visit our feeder appear to be Black-Chinned hummingbirds. One of them, a male with a black head and purplish throat, keeps watch over the feeder from a nearby juniper. If another hummingbird flies too close, or sneaks a few sips, the "sentry" dive bombs the interloper and chases it away. It's amazing to watch them as they dart and zoom across the yard. The speed of their wings (as they hover to feed) is astonishing.

This is one of the many joys we have living in our new place. I hope to nab a few photos of the tiny "jewels" in the future.


Shell Sherree said...

The ones that fly are much more wonderful than the on-road kinds. Here's to your successful nabbing, Ms M.

Katie said...

Ooh what a wonderful view from your kitchen window! Wow, if I had that view (and a hummingbird feeder) I'd spend lot of time staring out the window looking for hummers too. Not that I'd spend lots of time doing dishes though!

Ms M said...

Thank you, Shell. It may take a bit for me to nab one. They are a little skittish when we're at the window. But I'll give it a try :)

Katie, it is a nice view of the back yard. The rock rose plant next to the window has blooms and the bees have been really busy lately. It's relaxing to come home from work and look out there while getting ready for dinner (altho the looking slows the process of dinner :) )