Sunday, August 29, 2010

Curb Cup Street Circus

For 3 hours today, 102 performers of all types did their thing along downtown streets.  Acts included mime,  dancing, music, martial arts, magic tricks, skateboarding, street theater, graffiti art, acrobatics,  jump rope tricks, and more.

The Curb Cup is an opportunity for anyone with an act to perform. The audience wanders from act to act and votes on their favorites. Those acts with the most votes win small cash prizes, and the top vote-getter has their name inscribed on the Curb Cup trophy.


The famous Curb Cup Trophy
A grand crowd came to watch the show; they came with families, friends, dogs. Some spectators were their own act....
But, as Shakespeare wrote, all the world's a stage.


Anonymous said...

"life is a carnival"
for a day
a city's business
fades into
what's your
if every day
were enacted as these
depict, would life
be less serious
or more

Shell Sherree said...

What a colourful day you've had, Ms M, in more ways than one!

Katie said...

Amazing collection of wonderful costumes and interesting looking acts. Must have been such fun to be there to see all this creative activity!

Ms M said...

Thank you, Anon, for your pleasurable poem :)

It was a fun afternoon, Shell & Katie! So many different acts and costumes. Very colorful indeed! This is the 2nd year they've done this and it's looking like it will be an annual Boise event.