Sunday, August 08, 2010

Peeking through

Daisies seem to always carry a bit of sunshine with them. And these appear to be taking over this bench, which is a good thing aesthetically, and not so good if you want to sit there in the future.

I'll go for the aesthetic....

Daisies of the world unite - you have nothing to lose but your chains.
~ Anon


Anonymous said...

"Daisy, Daisy" in my parent's 20's radio
crooners world meant
"Daisy, Daisy, tell
me your answer true."
Expecting answers about romance
from daisies?
60s worn in Haight,
or in daisy chain as dope-laced
orgy postures.
This moment,
they have their own lives,
at last, demanding
for their persistence
in face of

Shell Sherree said...

Such dear happy little flowers!

Ms M said...

Anon, thank you for your provocative poem :)

Shell, yes, they do look happy, don't they? The flowers in your drawings look happy, too :)

Katie said...

Delightful summer photo. I really like the weathered bench with the pop of daisies. Happy place to sit.

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie. :) It does look like the quintessential summer photo, doesn't it...