Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School days again

One of Boise's historic elementary schools, built in 1913. They spent the past year totally refurbishing the building and landscaping, and now it's ready for students, who will be coming through the doors tomorrow morning.

I love the detail around the doorway.

School reminds me of the smells of floor polish, old wood, disinfectant, and sweaty kids (we didn't have A/C until the new addition was built). Classes began in mid-August in the Midwest. You knew your carefree summer days were numbered when the cicadas began their buzzing songs in the evenings.


Katie said...

The details really are great -- glad they didn't get rid of them when they did the renovations. Wow, school starts tomorrow? Not having kids I forget about these things, but it seems wrong to start before Labor Day.

Ms M said...

Katie, I loved the details, too. They wanted to preserve the historic nature of this school and it looks like they did a good job of it.
School always starts before Labor Day here, even tho they then get a 3-day weekend soon after. Go figure...