Saturday, July 11, 2009

In the garden

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we sauntered through the Idaho Botanical Garden between meals of wonderful food. The garden includes an English garden, meditation space, children’s garden, an arid garden (since we live in a desert), and a historical area about Lewis and Clark. It also includes several fountains, like the one above. Dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and bees were everywhere.

A walkway canopied with wisteria. The lavender blossoms still hung in many places and the fragrance was heavenly.

At the end of the walkway, another fountain and pool

Window of lavender from a stone gazebo.

To be continued...


Katie said...

Beautiful gardens! I bet it smells wonderful with all the lavender, and I like the shady spots and all the water. I can see why there are so many birds and bees and such there. I'd spend a lot of time there too!

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie. It's a lovely place to walk, unwind from the world. Fragrances of wysteria, lavender, roses, syringa, and more.