Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Halfway there

Well, we’re halfway in having the internet connection problem fixed. Hopefully we’ll be back in full force by tomorrow.

It’s been a bizarre Monday. Odd things happening at work (including having to call the police to get a drunk guy out of our building). And it was quite busy, too. On my way home, I discovered a curling crack in my windshield. Tonight, the new DSL modem and router would NOT communicate, no matter what I tried.

I could curse, write about how exasperating this has been. But my sweet husband fixed one of my favorite dishes for dinner and has been so supportive through all this. So, I’ll leave you with flowers instead.


Katie said...

You have such a wonderful attitude! I've been having a tough work week so far (and it's only Tuesday!) and as much as I too would like to curse, I'll take your advice and just look at these pretty flowers and calm down. And yay for your husband being so supportive, and cooking a favorite meal for you!

Ms M said...

Thanks Katie, but I have to admit I did a LOT of cursing during all this. I just contained it -- in my car, in the study, etc.

I hope your work week improves. If not, cursing (in private) really helps :)