Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out and about

The Saturday Farmers Market opened today. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm, which brought people out in droves.

Live performances are always part of the market. I happened to catch The Boise Highlanders in action at the main staging area.

The Highlanders have been around since 1961 and have performed at many local fairs and celebrations throughout the years.

Speaking of performances: We saw Aché Brasil last night. They were awesome! They combine music, dance, and Capoeira into excellent high octane performances. They had us on our feet, dancing, clapping, singing, and cheering. Photography was not allowed, so I’ve included a link to their website instead, where you can see photos of them and learn more about Capoeira.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
~ Thomas Merton


Katie said...

Wow it looks like you've had great weekend weather in Boise! How fun to have the farmers market downtown with all those cool buildings. Is all the stuff sold there local? I remember the "farmers market" in Minneapolis years ago where they sold pineapples and bananas and stuff that wasn't exactly local. (The St. Paul farmers market was always local I think.) I bet the Boise Highlanders sounded great! I love bagpipes, and rarely hear more than one lone piper honking away on a SF street corner. I've never heard of Aché Brasil, but from their website I can tell they'd be lively and lots of fun. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend!

Ms M said...

Our weekend was great. The weather was excellent; perfect for the farmers market. They have a mix; there are a lot of local items for sale, but some of the produce is from other places right now. As it gets into summer, we'll see more local produce.
The Highlanders are good; fun to watch. They took requests from the crowd yesterday.
I would guess that Ache Brasil performs in the Bay area from time to time. Maybe you'll be able to catch a show sometime.
Hope your weekend was really good, too! :>)