Friday, April 10, 2009

In the window... usual, just doing my job
even tho right now, there’s nothing new
to report

maybe I'll think of new ways
to re-design the blinds


Petrea said...

Doing her job is right!

I recently read an article about Boise in Smithsonian Magazine and it made me think of you.

Ms M said...

Hi Petrea,
I wonder if the piece you saw was by Anthony Doerr? A friend sent us an essay he did about living in Boise.

Petrea said...

Yes, I just checked and it was Doerr's piece. Smithsonian publishes a city piece every month, written by a prominent writer from the featured city. (I'd love to do Pasadena someday, but we have much more prominent writers here than myself.) Mr. Doerr's theme was the dichotomy of wild west vs. metropolis that is Boise. I enjoyed it.