Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Egyptian

This is one of downtown Boise’s treasures.

The Egyptian opened in 1927 and featured “The Mighty Robert Morton Theatre Pipe Organ,” a grand stage, and plush seating. The proscenium over the stage is amazing. It is a series of reproductions of Egyptian art, and includes scenes of the Pharaoh, the Sun god, Osiris and other deities, and scenes from the Book of the Dead.

The theater was almost a victim of the wrecking ball. But a group of people pulled together to save and restore it. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places, and events include movies, concerts, and other performances. As you can see by the sign, it can also be rented by private groups :>)

For more info about this "grande dame", check out their website.


Katie said...

How cool to see the old photo of the Egyptian AND hear that it was saved from the wrecking ball! I bet it's really amazing inside; there's a theater in Berkeley that has a few theme rooms and one is Egyptian, and it has hieroglyphs and such on the walls. When I saw the modern photo I wondered what on earth a movie called Dental Hygiene could be about! (I see the theatre decided to spell in Hygeine though.) Thanks for sharing this!

Ms M said...

Glad you enjoyed it!
"Dental Hygiene" could be a horror flick -- at least to some folks :>)
And yes, you can see that correct spelling is a top priority in Idaho schools...