Sunday, April 12, 2009

In the pink

I think these are magnolia blossoms; one of the varieties that can tolerate the climate here.

While researching magnolias I learned these interesting tidbits: They are thought to have originated in eastern Asia, and they are ancient – they evolved before bees came along. Their flowers were “made” to be pollinated by beetles. As a result, the blossoms are tough and resilient to withstand “beetle behavior”.

I also found that magnolia bark has an ingredient which deters cavities, dental plaque, and periodontal disease. I recall seeing mints and chewing gum at my dentist’s office that were advertised as reducing cavities and plaque (and were much more expensive than what you’d find at the supermarket). So, they must contain the magic ingredient from the ancient magnolia tree -- to keep your teeth healthy, and your gums in the pink...


Katie said...

Such lovely blossoms! I like the background trees too (are those blue pines or something?). We seem to have magnolias in bloom in the SF Bay Area from December until about February. No more blooms here now, so it's fun to see them there! I've never heard of the secret ingredient that helps reduce plaque. I'll look for gum that has the extra powers of magnolias, as I'm all about dental health and keeping my teeth all my life.

Ms M said...

I think those are blue spruce in the background. So magnolias in your area bloom during the winter. That sounds lovely.
I'm all for keeping my teeth intact, too. Here's to magnolias! :>)