Sunday, August 24, 2008

The edge of a petal

Rose petals dropping, one by one -- seems rather poignant, doesn’t it? Marking the end of a good weekend, and coming on the end of summer.

But fall brings such luscious colors and that crisp air. It was over 100 here today. Not being a hot weather kind of person, I’m looking forward to the coolness of autumn.

In accord with roses and gardens, here’s an exquisite book of poetry that came out this summer: Ours: The Gardens of André Le Nôtre, by Cole Swensen. (Le Nôtre was the gardener of King Louis XIV and developed the gardens at Versailles.) Perfect read for an afternoon in a garden.

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It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
~ William Carlos Williams


Katie said...

Such a lovely photo! I would love to take a walk along this route. Yes, a bit sad to see the rose petals drop, but I think I'd be ready for fall too if I was dealing with 100 degrees right now! I'll have to look for that book of poetry; sounds quite interesting!

Ms M said...

That path is in the MK Nature Center, one of my favorite places (as if you didn't know from all the photos!)
Cole Swensen has translated the work of several French poets and authors and has done some collaborations with French literary organizations.
BTW, love your new profile photo and cool T-shirt!