Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two histories of wind chimes

Wind chimes come from many cultures and many times. Bells were invented in prehistoric times, about 3000 B.C. By 2000 B.C., bells had been created along the shores of the Mediterranean and were being cast from bronze by the Egyptians. The Chinese were casting bells by 1100 B.C., and they created a wind bell called feng-ling.

Wind chimes were considered religious objects that were believed to attract kind spirits and drive away evil ones. The Buddhists especially revered wind bells and hung them by the hundreds from the eaves of shrines, pagodas, temples, and in caves. In Japan, China, Tibet, and Bali, people adopted this religious custom, and hung chimes of many different kinds outside their homes.

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While in junior high art class, we made wind chimes out of clay strips. But they were too fragile for fierce Midwestern storms; couldn’t be hung on a porch. And the house where I lived was not a wind chime type of house.

Used to be married to someone who disliked wind chimes; he complained they were irritating. Even the little ones.

Now, C and I have two sets hanging from our tiny front porch. Magical to hear them sing during the night when the wind gusts.
We’re hoping they’ll bring good luck…

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