Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thumbing it

Check out those thumbs, ready to hit the road out of here. That’s where she is today. Her mind on a car or plane, with this place growing smaller in the distance. Yes, must be time soon for a vacation.

Found interesting information about hitchhiking on the net. Particularly entertaining, yet practical hitching site by Jesse (site link below), world traveler and musician.

Wikipedia also has a long entry about hitchhiking. There’s a portal for hitchhikers and rail riders at And lots more…

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When I was in my 20s, Francine, Becky, and I hitched a ride from Waterton, Canada back to the lodge in Montana where we were working that summer. A guy in a "Forest Service car" picked us up. He was friendly, just a little older than we were, and was a biologist working on contract for Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. About a mile or so before the border, he pulled over, said he’d be right back, and took a small package with him which he buried near a tree.

At the border, the guards ordered us out of the car. They separated us, searched us, and had us empty the contents of our purses and pockets out on a table. After they looked through all our belongings again and still didn’t find anything, they reluctantly let us go.
So much for my hitchhiking career.

Of course, people don’t hitch like they used to in the days of Kerouac; it’s gotten too dangerous. Except for those who are hitchhiking the galaxy, like Arthur and Ford…
Remember: Don’t Panic.

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