Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snowmen and other creations

Snow this afternoon; we’re all slipping and sliding on the roads as big snowflakes sprinkle down over everything. Tonight, the sky is the "city glow" shade of lights reflected off the snow. Perhaps some people will get their wish of having a "white Christmas." Of course, that may not fly for those stuck in Denver…

I looked up info about snowmen. Did you know that in the U.S. we usually make snowmen using three balls of snow, whereas in the U.K. and Japan, they use two? And, according to Wikipedia, in Lithuania, a snowman is called "a man without brains." As a sign of protest against their government, in the winter of 2005, Lithuanians made 141 snowmen near their parliament—one for each member of Parliament. I wonder if any of them made "creative snowmen," ala Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes"?

Every exit is an entry somewhere else. --Tom Stoppard

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