Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shape shifting

Too many things whirling at once today. Later, we walked across icy sidewalks in the cold as darkness deepened. C listening to the blues, raw blues, most of the evening. An article on his desk about shape shifting. How often do I shape shift solely to accommodate others? Do I become a dog? A sofa? A windmill with all blades whirling?

Sipping hot chocolate as the temps drop into the low 20s. Reboot the computer to dump the cache; too many old files for too long. At lunch, E tells me she’s ridding herself of old clothing, old photos, yearbooks. Purging the past, room by room, closet by cupboard.

Tomorrow I go to SC to repair printers in the computer lab—where someone has slipped in and performed minor acts of vandalism. Shutting down the server. Electrons shape shifting into vanishing point.

The very freedom and expressiveness we find missing in life we find present in art - Nicholas Wolterstorff

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