Saturday, December 02, 2006

In progress

A house in progress that C and I happened across during a walk on Thanksgiving Day. Creators/builders are a young couple, both artists, who led us through their greatest work of art yet—one to live in and live with. Wonderful spaces they are creating…

While browsing in Architectural Record, came across an article about La Biennale Di Venezia, a showcase of art and culture from all over the world, held in Venice. How amazing it would be to attend! Multiple art and architecture exhibitions; film festivals; music, dance and theater performances.

The Alluvial Sponge Comb was one of the exhibits featured. Created by an American architectural firm as an experimental solution to contain flood water, it looks like a series of long, large green fingers. They are made of lightweight, porous material (similar to disposable diapers), and can act as a water barrier during storm surges. Check out Architectural Record’s website for pics,

There were also photos in the magazine of an exhibit of 3-D graphic "sculptures" illustrating the population density of 16 of the world’s largest cities. The sculptures are huge, eerily beautiful. The exhibit is meant to spur debate about the exploding growth of cities, and the lack of infrastructure and affordable housing.

And after spending all day at the exhibits, you could take a gondola and glide through the city, awash in everything…

The visible world only becomes the real world through operation of thought
– Jean Metzinger

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