Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sitting on top of the world

Who is this? A Mesoamerican god? Note how he’s sitting in the sun and smiling as we rush around in a holiday flurry. In fact, sitting on another man; a servant? Someone he has defeated in battle or contest? No wonder he’s grinning; it’s great to be ‘top dog.’ He’s a muscular fellow; look at those biceps! The ‘man’ he’s sitting on reminds me of illustrations I’ve seen of Captain John Smith, the man who eventually married Pocahontas. But that’s another story.

Friday after a hectic week. Brain fried. Sat and read tonight, and daydreamed of art I could make. Plus I still have the novel I started during Nanowrimo. Will their boat ever leave St. Louis and make it to Cape Girardeau? Is there a thief on board, or is it someone from the outside? And what has upset Rene so much?

And will a storm push through this weekend? Will it finally clean out the nasty inversion (air alert – orange)? Will it snow? Will I actually finish holiday shopping this weekend?

All these questions—and more. And he still sits there grinning—sitting on top of the world.

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