Sunday, November 19, 2006

Singing red

Singing in red; the last refrain before the ostinato of brown and gray begins.

Song of Red (a powerful painting by C. Raymond) has entered our lives. It greets us, morning, noon, evening; glowing, changing with the light. Twist of red cloud, tug of restlessness, passion, of spirit ongoing...

The red doesn't end at the frame, but grows into purple majesty of song with a red ripple accent, grace note, arpeggio to the sun.

Red, the color of risk. We crave risk, yet cling to safety until it crumbles within our grip. Then we're left to wonder, what is safe?

Maybe it's the law of opposites...

Risk fear. Fear risks. Which one?

Risk fear? Risk uncertainty, risk discomfort, risk feeling?

Music creates order out of chaos -- Yehudi Menuhin

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