Thursday, November 30, 2006

Leopards and interior design

Last night, dreamed that a small leopard came into the back yard where there were little children playing. I ran out, concerned the cat might attack the children, but it didn't. It was hungry and looking for food, and when I put some out, it ate as if it had not had eaten for days.

C's search into architecture has led to an exploration of interior design, which is NOT the same as interior decorating, according to the American Society of Interior Designers. Interior design is concerned with how the whole space functions rather than just the visual or decorative aspects. It sounds like interesting work, using creativity and imagination as well as analysis and organizational skills. Wish I would have known more about it when I was younger...

What would we have done differently in the past if we'd had known what we now know ? As Jeremiah said: Can the leopard change his spots?

All we are given are possibilities--to make ourselves one thing or another
--Jose Ortega Y Gasset

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