Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bowling for meaning

Bowl: A concave, nearly hemispherical vessel; a bowl-shaped receptacle; a natural geological formation shaped like a bowl; a ball used in lawn bowling; to participate in a game of bowling.

--The Chinese concept of the rice bowl is a metaphor for the basic elements required to live.

--Bowls (also known as Lawn Bowls or Lawn Bowling) is a precision sport. You may knock your opponent's bowls out of play, and he may do the same to you.

--Stainless Steel mixing bowls; Waterford crystal bowls; a variety of bowls made from coconut shells

--The Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Super Bowl.

--Babylonian demon bowls may have been demon traps, meant to lure, trap, and disable any malevolent demons, preventing them from hurting humans or causing damage to property.

--Great dust storms spread from the Dust Bowl area. The drought is the worst ever in U.S. history, covering more than 75 percent of the country.

--Singing bowls made with amethyst, rose quartz, and precious metals.

--The four Water Bowls, by Victoria Vesna, revisit common metaphorical associations of water, such as the reflection of the moon, a drop of water, the sound of water, and oil and water. When visitors touch the water in the Moon bowl, sounds are created, picked up by an underwater microphone and amplified.

--With Rice Bowls your church can raise money to help alleviate world hunger.

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