Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reflections on January

There are two holidays during the month; New Year's day and Martin Luther King day. It often snows, in fact, it snowed here today.

A month of finishing year-end tasks and starting out new.

January is also a month of birthdays of several friends and family, including my mother's. She gave us this little snowman a couple of years ago; she liked sweet things like this. She also liked romantic comedies with Cary Grant, the song "Deep Purple," and roses.

Although the holidays are well over, the little snowman is going to stay out for a while longer. His sweetness softens the harsh cold of winter.


Katie said...

I agree that this snowman is very sweet; by all means keep him out for a while, especially since your mother gave it to you. I like Cary Grant too -- there's never been anyone like him in my opinion. Here's to the groundhog saying winter will be over soon!

Ms M said...

I agree with you on Cary Grant. I love his movies! He was one of a kind.
We'll hope Punxsutawney Phil says spring is coming soon!