Monday, January 25, 2010


Reminds me of a small piece of stained glass, reflecting the winter light. Fragile leaf. I wonder how long it will remain stuck in the branches?

Speaking of fragile, saw in the news that a woman attending an art class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art lost her balance and fell into a Picasso, leaving a 6-inch rip in the canvas. Museum officials said they can repair the painting to where the rip is not noticeable. The article didn't say, but I'm guessing that if the woman was injured it would have been mentioned.
The embarrassment would be bad enough.


Anonymous said...

Can a taxonomy of fragility
be created when
a leaf
or life
gets caught in a

suppose fragile means
as enduring as a memory
of a photograph
catching a caught
just so?

Ms M said...

Suppose there can be surprising strength found, even in a state of fragility...
Thank you, Anon. :)