Monday, January 18, 2010

Hillside traffic

Climbing the path on Camel's Back.

Traffic jam


Katie said...

What fun photos! I love the traffic jam; I wouldn't mind being caught up in that at all! Are these recent photos? If so I hope that means you've had warm enough weather to melt all the snow. We're getting lots of rain, so you might get that soon.

Anonymous said...

more sweetly social than traffic
jams, a hill climber's
jam reflects the honey
cast of a setting sun, how occasionally
an occasion
like a crowded foot
path makes
a town
instead of

Ms M said...

Hi Katie, Yes, these are recent photos. Our snow melted off and it's been warmer lately. Camel's Back Park is a popular place, especially on warmer weekend days.

Anon, as always, wonderful writing :) "The honey cast of a setting sun..."