Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fall flashback

It's been gray, wet, and cold here today. With so many people buried in snow and shivering in frigid temperatures, a brief trip back to a sunny fall day with its gorgeous colors seemed appropriate.

It was warm that day, too. :)


Katie said...

I can really feel the warmth radiating out of this photo! Love all the colors of green and orange and brown. I'm luckily that some parts of Berkeley still look like this and the rain we've been getting is turning things green again. I feel bad for everyone shivering in colder places.

Gail said...

I needed some green...thanks.

Ms M said...

I needed some warmth, color, and green, too. Katie, does Berkeley have green areas all year round? I remember how nice it was in March one year when we visited.

Gail, are you in snow and cold where you are? Glad I could provide some green :)