Saturday, March 21, 2009


An amazing series of storms rolling through today. Roars of window-rattling thunder, lightning crackling across the sky. Hard, hard rain rushing down, filling the streets with water.

The day I turned 40, (a number of years ago) a similar series of storms rolled through. I stood outside by the front door, breathing in the scent of rain, thunder. So much rain fell that the streets became small rivers; plastic garbage cans, kids’ toys, and other things floated by, then hovered around the storm drains. The storm was unusual for mid-summer in Idaho – a time when the storms are usually blasts of hot, dry winds and blowing dust with little rain.

Today I stood on the front stoop of a different house, smelling the rain, watching 2 guys wobble down the street on bicycles in the midst of the downpour. Thinking of fierce storms, thunder, lightning, what the passing years have brought, and the blessings of cleansing rain.

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