Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Blue Heron

We watched this heron slowly make its way into the creek at the MK Nature Center.

Once there, it watched for fish or other tasty morsels to come floating by. At times, it would “crouch”, ready to spear something. Then straighten its neck if the “fish” turned out to be just a leaf or twig.

We later saw it out in the middle of the pond, taking a break from fishing.

While researching herons, I also came across the Great Blue Heron Music Festival held every July in Sherman, NY. Musical venues include bluegrass, zydeco, African, Cajun, reggae, Irish, and jam bands.
Sounds fun, although I doubt we’ll get there anytime soon -- NY is a bit of a drive from Idaho :>)


Anonymous said...

kept wanting to believe the heron
a crane because a spoken name
holds like its tenacious feet
to even slippery surfaces - but
your photograph ended
any doubt: a heron
blesses you for
correcting my
mistaken tongue &
tosses a half dozen impressionistic ripples
in a pond
for good

Ms M said...

A heron blesses you, too, Anon :>)