Sunday, February 01, 2009

A few more animals...

Giraffes are native to southern Africa in arid and savanna zones – warm weather places. This guy was inside because the weather was too cold and wet. But when summer comes he’ll feel right at home. Here, he pauses before getting back to his “salad”.

Coiled, relaxed -- but watching me from its heated glass cubby. This python is used in demonstrations for the public, so is used to being handled by humans. They live in the wild in parts of Africa, south Asia, The Philippines, Australia. Although snakes make me really nervous, I have stroked the skin of a python during a zoo demonstration a couple of times (the old “face the fear” kind of thing). Their skin is quite beautiful, especially when they move and their skin ripples in the light.

This Cottontop Tamarin is native to Colombian rainforests. Because of increasing devastation of their habitat, they are listed as critically endangered. Quite small and dart about quickly; hard to catch on camera. Their little faces seem so human. This one looks like some of us feel on a Monday; a little freaked out and having a bad hair day :>)

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