Monday, February 16, 2009

Top of the morning…

Under this rooster is Jim’s Coffee Shop, a bona fide Boise institution. For some colorful info about Jim’s, check out this.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ** ** * * * **

Over second and third cups flow matters of high finance, high state, common gossip and low comedy. [Coffee] is a social binder, a warmer of tongues, a soberer of minds, a stimulant of wit, a foiler of sleep if you want it so. From roadside mugs to the classic demitasse, it is the perfect democrat.
~Author Unknown

He was my cream, and I was his coffee -
And when you poured us together, it was something.

~Josephine Baker


linda said...

Love the quotes. And the rooster reminds me of something in my youth that I can't put a finger on.

Interesting isn't it how our memories work. I know I remember it, but I don't know what it is -- apparently I remember something I don't remember.

Ms M said...

Hi Linda,
Glad you enjoyed Jim's rooster. It reminds me of my childhood, too. The Redi-Kilowatt Man, Babe the Blue Ox, Mr. Peanut; some of those characters I saw during family trips.
Your saying about remembering hits the mark :>)
Thanks for stopping by.

Katie said...

Love the rooster! Easy to find Jim's from far away.

Ms M said...

It's true; it is easy to find Jim's, even if you're half asleep!