Monday, February 02, 2009

Another "path"

Continuing with the CDP theme from yesterday, here is a “path” through the Hyde Park area (of which I’ve written before). It’s a small historic district with shops and restaurants. On the right is Goody’s ice cream parlor.

Across the street is the Hyde Park Bar and Grill, and just beyond that, in the light blue building is the post office/used bookstore.

After a couple of weeks of fog and smog, it was wonderful to see the sun again!


Katie said...

Looks like a nice path through Hyde Park. I looks a little chilly, but there's no snow, so I think I can bundle up and take a stroll. I think a trip to the bookstore would be perfect, followed by a sundae at the ice cream parlor!

Ms M said...

I like your idea of a stroll, ending at Goody's. Their hot fudge sundae is tres magnifique! :>)