Friday, January 23, 2009

Past play

Took this a few weeks ago when we had more sunlight. (Another gray day today, with a light dusting of snow this time). It’s a curious building, larger than a usual garage. Reminds me of a small barn. Probably from the days when people raised a few small animals on their property; chickens, goats, and had large gardens.

And some children must have lived there who liked to shoot hoops; a game of H-O-R-S-E. We had a hoop on our garage when I was growing up. But we lived in the country and the driveway was graveled. Dribbling shot the b-ball off in unpredictable directions. So we made up our own game instead.

What games did you play?


Anonymous said...

games? chasing my shadow
with hope
someone else's shadow
would amble a
long side,
and another,
until a circle
of pals -
game over when imagination
couldn't conceive
one more
to play with
a stranger

Ms M said...

Thank you for your poignant verse, Anon. May you now have friends, good friends, instead of shadows...

Petrea said...

I like the poem, anon, and echo Ms. M's wish.

Nice photo, Ms. M. It does remind me of a barn. We used to play HORSE when I was a teenager. My next door neighbors had a flat driveway and a basketball hoop. Thanks for the memory.

I like your new profile shot!

Ms M said...

Thanks, Petrea, for sharing your memory and comments. I thought it might be time for a profile upgrade.